The Arts Award is a nationally recognised award and qualification. It’s great for Home Educators because there is a huge amount of flexibility and opportunity for the children to follow their own passions and ideas. No writing is required. Kids can ‘document’ their findings with video, audio files or with an adult working as a ‘scribe’ on their behalf.

Sarah Esau has kindly undertaken the training to deliver the award and has been funded by Expanding Horizons. We took the view this was something everyone could benefit from.

General Info:

  • The Awards can be done by anyone aged between 5 & 25.
  • Awards cover a wide interpretation of Arts:
    • performing arts (music, dance, drama, storytelling, circus, mime, carnival, musical theatre, behind the scenes eg stage makeup);
    • Visual arts, craft and design (such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, fashion, design, architecture);
    • Literature (such as poetry, fiction, journalism, script writing, storytelling);
    • Media and multimedia (such as photography, film, video, broadcasting, web design, multimedia games design);
    • new art forms and emerging culture;
    • heritage activities which are focused on arts knowledge, appreciation and skills.
  • Children need not be writers for any of the awards but they do need to document their findings somehow. Parent can be a scribe, can video, record etc, etc..
  •  Each participant is recommended to buy a booklet to guide them through the process. We are researching costs but it will be around £5 each. 
  • Explore, Bronze, Silver & Gold all require external moderation. Discover is self moderated by Sarah Esau. Moderation carries an additional cost of about £13 and work will need to be sent away.

Arts award has 5 different levels:

  • Discover: can be certified by us, explores a variety of arts but a lesser number than explore. There is an element of sharing your discoveries or your art forms in this section. (ideal for lower primary age)
  • Explore: requires you to explore a wide variety of arts as follows: 2 different art forms (from the list above), 1 artist, 1 arts organisation. Also requires you to create an artwork and share that work. (aimed at upper primary age)
  • Bronze: a more in depth look at one art form that is favoured by the child. (suitable for lower secondary)
  • Silver: Equivalent of a GCSE level qualification. Has potential to be delivered at a later date.
  • Gold: comparable to A Level study (Sarah not qualified to deliver this yet)

The Expanding Horizons Proposal:

  1. There will be 6 sessions in total, delivered via TVAP, to cover each of the EXPLORE elements. We will aim to run DISCOVER alongside the EXPLORE sessions for younger kids as there are similar but less rigorous requirements for DISCOVER. Parents are encouraged to share their favoured art forms with the group. We would like a particular emphasis on thinking ‘outside the box’ regarding activities so they are not just ‘arts and crafts’.
  2. Sessions delivered at TVAP will run at the normal workshop time of about 11.30 – 12.30. See the TVAP facebook group for details nearer the time.
  3. The dates and plan for delivery are as follows:

    1. 5th March – Discover an art form (parent led workshops to be held at TVAP )
    2. 16th April – Discover a different art form (parent led workshops to be held at TVAP)
    3. 7th May – Discover an artist (we are exploring the idea of inviting an external artist to visit TVAP )
    4. April/ May – Discover an arts organisation (this will involve at least one external trip – dates to be arranged)
    5. 4th June – Create an artwork (to be started at a TVAP workshop & potentially completed at home)
    6. June/ July – An exhibition of the children’s work to be held at TVAP. Ideally this will be on a Sunday so we can invite family.

(Any element can be self led at home if a session is missed. Additional exploration of the arts can also happen outside the sessions.)

Bronze and Silver level awards will be offered at a later date if these sessions go well.

Any regular TVAP person who doesn’t want to do the arts award, they can just rock up as normal and experience the workshops in the usual way and will go about their business unaffected 🙂