Changes to TVAP

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Announcing some changes to the structure of TVAP:

We are going to cancel the team games at the start of the session for now.

these will be available on an ad-hoc basis at the start of the session. Parents/ kids must come forward to offer the workshops in order for them to happen and of course you’re welcome to run as many as you want. For the time being I won’t be routinely inviting them to happen. When we do have workshops, parents must please ask kids to engage with the workshop, play a board game OR read a book. This helps not to detract from a workshop that has been prepared.

We have some budget for externals but not every week. If you have an idea for someone you would like to run a whole group session at TVAP please approach me for info.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation – it feels like there is no major impetus to organise workshops or games at the moment and that’s fine – we have to go with the flow of the community. My only concern is that newcomers may find it difficult to integrate without the activities. If that becomes an issue we’ll re-think how to make it work as a community.

GDPR Compliance 2018

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We’ve updated our policies to comply with the new GDPR legislation. Do sign up below if you want to keep in touch with all our news and activities as we’ll be destroying any old data we hold on file at the end of the month.

Expanding Horizons Events & Updates

Tickets still up for grabs

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We still have a few tickets available for both Mohawk (on Friday 4th March) & TVAP (on Monday 7th March).

Hop on over to the events page to book your place. Events Page

TVAP dates now added

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Following a successful introductory period at TVAP, the next term of dates at the adventure playground have now been set. In line with requests from TVAP, we’ve introduced a couple of changes. We now offer Special Needs and Non-Special Needs places to ensure we meet the ratio criteria for the centre. We also have to charge a little more for Non-Special Needs kids to offset the fact that the centre is aimed at special needs children. Hop on over to our events page to reserve your space as number are very limited.

Brand new website for Expanding Horizons

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Welcome to the new Expanding Horizons website. We’ve moved over to WordPress so we can reorganise our site and make it more user friendly.

Hop over to our events page to see a new, chronological listing of all our forthcoming events.

Check out our new calendar page, which automatically updates with our events so you can see what’s coming up at a month by month glance.

If you have any ideas about other features we can add, just drop us a line via our contacts page.