Boundaries & Guidelines

Expanding Horizons Review of Boundaries and Guidelines:

Expanding Horizons aims to create a safe space for our community members. We feel it is important that families and their children are supported to feel safe by all members of our community. These rules and guidelines, focussed on behaviours, provide a framework for what is not acceptable from an Expanding Horizons community perspective. The intention is that we all have a reference point when supporting children and families if/when issues arise.

Unacceptable Behaviour: Any one or more of these behaviours will result in families no longer being able to attend any EH events:

● Bringing on site and sharing of pornographic ‘adult’ images either in digital or other form.
● Bringing on site and/or use of Drugs.
● Bringing on site and/or consumption of Alcohol.
● Substance abuse and misuse on site.
● Tobacco (site rules at TVAP & Mohawk to be confirmed) Please bring these matters to our attention at the earliest opportunity.

Behaviour and action guidelines: The following behaviours and actions are not permitted at regular Expanding Horizons community events, namely at TVAP & Camp Mohawk. We will seek to have a conversation with families involved in the first instance, if issues around these guidelines arise. In the event of persistent non-compliance, we will ask families not to return to EH events.

● Bullying, which is often defined as a repeated behaviour, intended to hurt someone either physically or emotionally.
● Use of electronic devices with screens (e.g. tablets, phones and computers): ○ Gaming, social media networking and on screen recreation is not permitted at EH community events. ○ We recognise screens may be a useful tool for a presentation or otherwise.
● Videoing or photographing of children or adults without express consent of the parents is not permitted.
● It is not permitted to upload video or photographs of other people’s children onto the internet from an EH setting.

Potentially offensive, unacceptable or unsafe behaviours: We recognise that some people may find the following behaviours unacceptable, offensive or unsafe. We also recognise that EH events are a multi-age environment. As a consequence, we would like to ask that parents advise their children that whilst attending an EH event we would prefer them not to*:
● Swear
● Make sexual references
● Call people names
● Play games that may be considered as coercive and pressurising (e.g. ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘spin the bottle’)
● Be unkind or aggressive in word or deed.
● Exclude children from play scenarios.

*There are different interpretations around the severity of these behaviours and the definition of things such as swearing. With this in mind, we would like to direct families to the guidelines below regarding inclusivity and tolerance.

Inclusivity and tolerance: This document represents Expanding Horizons’ best attempt to serve the needs of a diverse set of families and children with a wide set of moral values, ethics and behaviours. Ultimately, we envisage a safe community for our children, whilst encouraging acceptance and understanding of diversity. We encourage all members to find a mutually agreeable way to embrace difference. As a community, we all hold responsibility for guiding our children to resolve issues (e.g. exclusion, name calling or swearing) that may arise due to behaviours deemed unacceptable by one or more children. Please help guide our children as these issues arise to resolve the situation with kindness, respect and tolerance, taking into account everyone’s perspective.

After attempting to facilitate a solution for an ongoing behavioural issue, if you wish to raise a formal behavioural concern or complaint that relates to these guidelines, then please come to either Zoe or Rebecca or put your complaint in writing to our email address

We will review this document on a rolling basis and it will be re-issued annually.